Ancient Emotions V (in preparation)
Trends in Classics – Supplementary Volumes
Editors: G. Kazantzidis – D. Spatharas
De Gruyter

The volume will include chapters by: A. Chaniotis, J. Devereaux, E. Hutton, C. Edwards, C. Gill, G. Kazantzidis, D. Konstan, D. Lateiner, P. Singer, D. Spatharas, C. Thumiger

About the book

In recent years, ancient emotions have become a major subfield of Classics. The so-called ‘affective turn’, of course, is not restricted to ancient historians or critics of ancient literature. The ‘affective turn’ signals a major turn in all the disciplines under the headings of Humanities and Social Sciences. In this volume, scholars who have significantly enhanced our knowledge of ancient emotions as well as younger scholars working on this field will discuss how certain methodologies or interdisciplinary approaches to emotions have helped us shed fresh light on the cultures that attract our attention. The volume will also look into the ways in which the study of emotions has enabled classicists, including those who do not work on emotions, to understand the ancient world. What would Classics look like today without the history of emotions? We are also hoping to answer questions related to the historiography of the history of emotions. For example, what may explain the ‘affective turn’ in Classics and why is the history of emotions necessary? And, what is more, is the affective turn an indirect response to our efforts to raise questions centering on the ethics, ideologies, or norms of ancient societies, questions which may be relevant to our own concerns as scholars and citizens of the early 21st century?