Ancient Emotions IV (in preparation)
Trends in Classics – Supplementary Volumes
Editors: G. Kazantzidis – D. Spatharas
De Gruyter

The volume will include chapters by: A. Chaniotis, S. Connell, J. Devereaux, N. Fischer, P. Hardie, G. Kazantzidis, M. Mastrangelo, M. McClay, E. Minchin, A. Novokhatko, J. Ready, D. Spatharas, E. Strazdins.

About the book

Topics and authors to be discussed include: Greek (Homer) and Roman epic (Virgil and Ovid), cognitive psychology and ancient emotion studies, Demosthenes and Aeschines, human and animal memory in Aristotle’s biological writings, memory and healing in ancient medicine, Greek inscriptions, emotive memory in Roman literature, theory of metaphor and emotional memory in Quintilian, mnemonic discourse in ancient cults and Orphism, nostalgia in St. Augustine.