Poster for "The Emotion of Hope" EventInternational Conference “The Emotion Of Hope In Ancient Literature, History, And Art”
University Of Crete, Department Of Philology, Rethymno, Greece
December 11-13, 2015

Friday, December 11

Welcome Lucia Athanassaki (Dean of the Faculty of Letters)


16:10-16:30 Dimos Spatharas (UoCrete) – George Kazantzidis (Patras) ‘Modern perspectives and ancient uses’

Session I

16:30-17:30 Chair: Lucia Athanassaki

D. Cairns (UoEdinburgh) ‘Metaphors for hope in early Greek poetry’
A. Johnston (UoEdinburgh) ‘Hope in Pindaric epinician’

Session II

18:00-19:30 Chair: Konstantinos Apostolakis

N. Slater (UoEmory) ‘Up from tragicomedy: The growth of hope in Greek comedy’
N. Tsoumpra (UoGlasgow) ‘The politics of hopelessness: Aristophanes Knights’ through Thucydides’
L. Fulkerson (Florida State U.) ‘Deos speravi (Miles 1209): Hope and the gods in Roman comedy’

Saturday, December 12

Session III

10:30-12:00 Chair: Anastasios Nikolaidis

C. Vlassopoulos (UoCrete) ‘Slavery and hope: Complexity and paradox’
A. Stiles (UoOxford) ‘Velleius, Tacitus, the adoptions of AD 4, and the Spes race’
A. Lampinen (UoSt. Andrews) ‘Lunging foolhardily after every small hope: Northern barbarian aspirations in Hellenistic and early Imperial literature’

Session IV

12:30-13:30 Chair: Athina Kavoulaki

M. Gerolemou (UoCyprus) ‘Gendering hope in Greek tragedy’
N. Fisher (UoCardiff) ‘Hopelessness in Euripides’

Session V

15:30-16:30 Chair: Stelios Panayotakis

O. Bobou (UoCambridge) ‘Hope and the sub-adult’
K. Heuer (State University of New York, New Paltz) ‘The face of hope: Isolated heads in south Italian vase painting’

Session VI

17:00-18:00 Chair: Nikos Litinas

A. Chaniotis (IAS, Princeton) ‘Elpis in the Greek epigraphic evidence: From deceived hopes to hope as a persuasion strategy’
P. Sarischouli (Democritus U.) ‘Hope in the Greek and demotic magical papyri’

Sunday, December 13

Session VII

09:30- 11:00 Chair: Melina Tamiolaki

D. Lateiner (Ohio Wesleyan U.) ‘ELPIS (“expectation, hope”) in the early Greek historians’
C. Thumiger (UoWarwick) ‘Hope and despair in ancient medicine’
S. Papaioannou (UoAthens) ‘A historian utterly without hope: the narrative dynamics of despair and the construction of Tacitus’ Historiae’

Session VIII

11:30-13:00 Chair: Konstantinos Spanoudakis

M. Paschalis (UoCrete) ‘Vestras spes uritis: hope and empire in Virgil’s Aeneid’
A. Michalopoulos (UoAthens) ‘Ipse licet sperare vetes, sperabimus usque (Ov. Tr. 2.145): hope dies last at Tomis’
A. Augoustakis (UoIllinois, Urbana-Champaign) ‘Quaenam spes hominum? Dashed hopes in Statius’ Thebaid’

Roundtable discussion

14:00-15:30 What the future holds for HOPE and ancient emotions