International Digital Workshop “Rethinking Ancient Emotions”
University of Patras, Department Of Philology, Patras, Greece
December 23-24, 2021

Tuesday, November 23

Session I. Rethinking the History of Ancient Emotions

16.00-16:45 Douglas Cairns (Univ. of Edinburgh) “Why is there a history of emotions?”
16.45-17:30 David Konstan (Brown University) “Between appraisal theory and basic emotions: How to do the history of emotion”
17.30 -18:15 Chiara Thumiger (Univ. of Kiel) “Gates, towers and trenches: history of emotions and the definition of ‘human'”

Session II. Emotion Concepts and the Language of Emotions

18.30-19:15 Christopher Gill (Univ. of Exeter) “Stoic typologies of emotions: Universalism and ethical standpoint”
19.15-20:00 Catherine Edwards (Birkbeck-London) “Fire and flood: image and emotion in Roman Stoic thought”
20:00-20:45 Peter Singer (Birkbeck-London)”Exotic and familiar, medicine and philosophy, emotions and non-emotions”

Wednesday, November 24

Session III. The Body’s Reappropriation in the History of Emotion Studies

16.00-16:45 Pia Campeggiani (Univ. of Bologna) “Breaching the mind-body divide: 4E cognition and emotion history”
16.45-17:30 Donald Lateiner (Ohio Wesleyan Univ.) “Emotion: Embarrassment (undertheorized and studied in Classics)”

Session IV. Ancient Emotions and Modern Concerns

17.45-18:30 Damien Nelis (Univ. of Geneva) “Anger in Vergil’s Aeneid: emotions, ethics, and metapoetics”
18.30-19:15 Dimos Spatharas (Univ. of Crete) “Emotions and the law: modern approaches to a vexatious issue”
19.15-20:00 George Kazantzidis (Univ. of Patras) “Pandemic literature and ecohorror: looking at the past through modern emotions”

Session V. Narrative Fictions and Emotions

20:00-20-45 Angelos Chaniotis (IAS, Princeton) “Emotions and fictions”
20.45-21:00 Closing remarks-Roundtable discussion