Poster for Memory and Emotions eventInternational Conference “Memory and Emotions in Antiquity”
University Of Crete, Department Of Philology, Rethymno, Greece
December 6-8, 2019

Friday, December 6



Dimos Spatharas (U. of Crete) and G. Kazantzidis (U. of Patras) ‘Look both ways: ancient and modern modes of understanding memory and emotions’
Elias Economou (U. of Crete) ‘The Relationship Between Emotions and Memory: A Short Review of the Effects of Emotion on Memory’

Session I

16:00-17:00 Chair: Lucia Athanassaki

Jonathan L. Ready (Indiana University) ‘The Tension between Memory and Emotion in Homer’s Audience’
Elizabeth Minchin (The Australian National University) ‘Emotions, Memory, and the Wrath of Achilles: Observations from Social Psychology’

Keynote paper

17:30-18:30 Chair: George Kazantzidis

Angelos Chaniotis (IAS, Princeton) ‘Remembering Emotions’

Saturday, December 7

Session II

10:00-11:00 Chair: Melina Tamiolaki

Anne-Sophie Noel (ENS de Lyon) ‘Memory Palace: Materiality, Memory, and Emotions in Greek and Roman Tragedy’
Nick Fischer (U. of Cardiff) ‘Exploitation of (Alleged) Memories in Demosthenes and Aeschines’

Session III

11:30-12:30 Chair: Costas Apostolakis

Aaron Seider (College of the Holy Cross) ‘A Space for Grief and Fame: Commemorating Trauma in Ovid’s Tristia’
Damien Nelis (U. of Geneva) ‘Emotion, History, and Politics in Vergil’s Georgics’

Session IV

14:30-15:30 Chair: Eva Astyrakaki

Sophia Connell (Birkbeck, U. of London) ‘Aristotle on Memory and Emotion in Humans and Other Animals’
Francesca Martelli (UCLA) ‘Remembering familiaritas: Structures of Feeling in Cicero’s Epistulae ad Familiares’

Session V

16:00-17:00 Chair: Stelios Panayotakis

Philip Hardie (U. of Cambridge) ‘The Emotional Memories of Internal Narrators’
Jennifer Devreaux (U. of South California/U. of Exeter) ‘Metahistoricity and the Embodiment of Emotion in Ancient Literature’

Sunday, December 8

Session VI

10:00-11:30 Chair: Zacharoula Petraki

Mark McClay (University of Miami) ‘Who is Mnêmosynê in the Orphic Lamellae?’
Christopher Simon (University of California, Riverside) ‘Nihil tale metuentem … undique invadunt: Fear, Trauma, and the Landscape of Germania in the Collective Memory of Rome’
Estelle Stazdins (U. of Cambridge) ‘Herodes Atticus, Material Memories, and the Expression and Reception of Grief’

Session VII

12:00-13:00 Chair: Eleni Papadogiannaki

Janet Downie (UNC-Chapel Hill) ‘Memory and Emotion in Philostratus’ Heroicus’
Marc Mastrangelo (Dickinson College) ‘Nostalgia, Memory, and Salvation in Augustine, Boethius, and Prudentius’

Session VIII

14:30-15:30 Chair: Ewen Bowie

A. Novokhatko (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) ‘Memoria and imago in Quintilian’
J. Grimwade (U. of Cambridge) ‘How to Remember a Poem: Method versus Emotion’