Cover of Volume IIIAncient Emotions III
Edited by: George Kazantzidis and Dimos Spatharas
Volume 131 in the series Trends in Classics – Supplementary Volumes
De Gruyter, 2022
ISBN eBook: 9783110771930, Hardcover: 9783110771893

About this book

This volume focuses on the under-explored topic of emotions’ implications for ancient medical theory and practice, while it also raises questions about patients’ sentiments. Ancient medicine, along with philosophy, offer unique windows to professional and scientific explanatory models of emotions. Thus, the contributions included in this volume offer comparative ground that helps readers and researchers interested in ancient emotions pin down possible interfaces and differences between systematic and lay cultural understandings of emotions. Although the volume emphasizes the multifaceted links between medicine and ancient philosophical thinking, especially ethics, it also pays due attention to the representation of patients’ feelings in the extant medical treatises and doctors’ emotional reticence. The chapters that constitute this volume investigate a great range of medical writers including Hippocrates and the Hippocratics, and Galen, while comparative approaches to medical writings and philosophy, especially Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics, dwell on the notion of wonder/admiration (thauma), conceptualizations of the body and the soul, and the category pathos itself. The volume also sheds light on the metaphorical uses of medicine in ancient thinking.